Customer Testimonials

This Course is the hardest and best course I have ever done. Loved every second of it.
Mark Whelan, Department of Defence

Fantastically ran course, it really was a very enjoyable experience. The instructor from start to finish really put his all into teaching us and the course ran smoothly due to his professionalism..
David O’Sullivan, Department of Defence

I had my senior team of 7 Officers attend (including myself) and we all found the course useful, information and extremely beneficial to us at Belfast City, the knowledge and experience of the instructors is second to none.
Seamus MacMahon, Belfast City Airport Fire Service

Great improvement in rooms, showers and heating. Food very tasty, great variety. As usual very high instructor standard. Fire ground bes you'll see. Good learning atmosphere.
Martin Conlon, Shannon Airport Authority

Very good course, instructor extremely helpful & knowledgable, thorough de briefs and put us all at ease throughout the week. All in all, one of the best courses ive attended. Lucky to have instructors like them.
John Hay, Aberdeen Airport

I have thoroughly enjoyed this last week at IFTC, learned an awful lot more about how to sucessfully complete my objectives safely, every day is a learning day. Thanks for the course and hospitality, keep up the good work.
Shaun Manson, SCATSTA

Only a short three day revalidation course, but as ever i learned lots. Not only from the instructors who managed to find the balance between aerodrome and helipads, but always good to see and hear how other RFFS staff work. All staff from catering, admin, fireground and instructors were positive and supportive, but not in an over learning way. keep up the good work.
Stuart Whitford, London's Air Ambulance

This is my first international overseas training, and it has been exceptional experience with the facilities and staff and i wouldnt change anything, the weather was a bit cold, but other than that everything was absolutley wonderful.
Randy Hodsgon, Cayman Island Fire Service

As someone without any fire experience, the 5 weeks have been a great learning opportunity. A great course with good instructors and great facilities. House keeping and chefs are also extremely pleasant.
Neil Ferguson, HIAL

It was a great experience which I have learnt a lot from and will take this knowledge forward in my career. I have given a 10 score as I feel that IFTC is the best training centre in the UK. I will look forward to coming back in the future.
Lee Braidwood, Gatwick Airport

In terms of refreshing and revalidating skills, I found the course to be excellent. It was challenging, invigorating and most of all extremely enjoyable. The training facilities were both comprehensive and excellent. Our FFR Instructor was extremely good, the type of guy you want to do well for. Firm, Fair and Inspirational.
Jonathan Birnie, Birmingham Airport

Fantastic course with fantastic instructors. It is made interesting and informative with helpful feedback throughout. I feeol I have developed my skills as a result of this great course and feel more confident in my Crew Commander Role.
Rory White, Norwich Airport

This is my sixth course at IFTC, once again I have had a fantastic course. The level and cpmpetency of the training deliveerd is at the highest within this industry. I hope this wont be the last visit, but would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff past and present for their efforts in looking after my needs as a student / delegate.
Simon Boreham, Alderney Airport, States of Guernsey

I totally enjoyed the course from day 1, tough but rewarding, loved the fire fighting aspect, very realistic. I found it very professional.
Myles Mooney, Air Corps

Very good sessions, the incidents where very realistic to what actually happens, just what is needed for perfect training.
S Fortune, BASF

The Fire Ground was great, The Instrustors where great, The crew was great and all in all I had a great time. Look forwasrd to returning.
Robin L Walton, Cayman Islands

It's been a truly great bridging course from start to finish. Accommodation was first class, food was first class, staff first class, fire ground was amazing. Instructors "If Carlsberg could do instructors, the ones at IFTC would be the best in the world."
Brendan O'Brien, City of Derry

Our instructor was very friendly and has lots of experience how to control his team and teach students. It is a great place of training with good facilities and equipment. Thanks to all the instructors at IFTC.
Anwar Nasser Rashid.

I felt it was beneficial combining the three revalidation courses together on the fire ground. I enjoyed being as to my role as I don’t get a chance back at the station. I would recommend doing the full watch training here, we can do realistic training with my watch carrying out our specific roles, and everyone would then get a better understanding of each other’s thought process.
Scott Thomson, Glasgow Airport

The course was well structured and all the instructors made the course and the visits a very good experience.
Mohamed Alli Slais, Bahrain Police

Food as always was excellent, instructors and training facilities are excellent, I very much enjoyed the overall experience.
John House, Alderney Airport

A great course! The course instructors were down to earth and made learning fun. Accommodation and good were kept to a great standard by the IFTC staff throughout the course. A fantastic course delivered by professional instructors. Thanks very much!
Leigh Cockman, Atco Frontec

The course and delivery of the course was excellent, I would highly recommend the course to other people. The food is great and good hospitality.
Steven Cocakovic, Humberside HFR Solutions

Excellent course learned a lot from this day. Neil was an excellent trainer and all involved were approachable and ready to answer questions. Very hit day but it made the exercises very interesting. I could not recommend the course enough.
Jennifer Leigh, Angus Fire

The time spent as the IFTC was interesting and informative. A great learning experience with a knowledgeable tutor who combined classroom learning with real world situations. The realism of the fire ground is an experience every fire fighter should experience
Ian Besson, Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service

Excellent week, fantastic fire and scenarios. Paul our instructor was excellent, really put us all at ease. Catering and room were really good and we had a great time with all the other fire-fighters on the course.
David Mumford, Isles of Scilly

All the staff have been wonderful and Paul Harvey is perhaps one the nicest blokes I have met and I’m only sorry he is not on my station! A credit to IFTC!
Phil Heddercott, Jersey Airport

Great experience, friendly and knowledgeable instructors. Fantastic atmosphere throughout the site and course. The fire ground is the best I’ve seen with some incredible fires. It’s a great feeling being challenged and having the opportunity to put your skills into practise and to build on them further.
Tom Baxter, Exeter Airport

It’s been a really enjoyable and informative week. The exercises were well set up (and safe!) all the instructors were excellent. The food has been fantastic! All in all its been a fantastic course and I would look forward to come back. Cheers!!
Jeff Chandler, Oxford Airport

Really enjoyable course, having the opportunity to interact with all ranks of the fire ground in exercises.
Paul Jeynes, Stansted Airport

Very enjoyable week with excellent instructions from the IFTC training team.
Mike Williams, Serco

A very well organised and set up week. Exercises and scenarios well delivered.
Jim Johnson, St Marys Airport

All in all a great course. Achieved all the goals needed. Great input from instructors.
Andrew Davis, Guernsey Airport

I have had a great week at IFTC. Everything has been good from the accommodation to the food and the fire ground.
William Vaughan, Manchester Airport Group

I really enjoyed the whole course from start to finish. Thanks to Paul Lake my instructor for delivering the course so well and help me gain my confidence on so many levels. From theory to the practical exercises on the fire ground has given me the foundations to build my career on. I feel I have learnt a huge amount to take back to my station.
Ingrid Hawick, Serco

Fantastic experience. Accommodation and services was outstanding. Tutors exceeded themselves helping us out. Drill yard, training ground and equipment were top notch. Would recommend this place to anyone who wanted a career in fire fighting.
Pierre Mahy, Guernsey Airport

Fantastic experience and a great start to my career. Really grateful to all the staff for making everything such a memorable experience. I will take this experience with me throughout my career.
Stephen Reekie, Aberdeen Airport

Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructors, realistic scenarios and a very enjoyable course
Martin Binns, SCATSTA

Great course, good amount of practical and theory sessions. Delivered well by all instructors.
Donald Willmore, Serco

Great course with really good instruction throughout. Food was excellent as was accommodation. Everybody was very helpful and pleasant.
Craig Bowden, FTG

Good standards of instructor and instruction. Very positive attitude of instructors, very good feedback given, very enjoyable 3 days
S Robinson, Springfields

Good practical training with some good learning outcomes, hard work but enjoyable
Horner Woods, Springfields

I have really enjoyed my time at IFTC on the BAI course; the instructors have been really helpful and very knowledgeable. It is a hard course but the instructors made it very easy and a flowing input of appropriate information.
Nikolas Daines, Cotswold Airport

The standard and delivery of the course was excellent. The tuition from the instructors and the help from the support staff were excellent. Accommodation and food was great, everyone was really pleasant and approachable.
Stephen Wilson, Highlands and islands airports

The realistic nature of the exercises stands out. The wealth of experience of the instructors were invaluable. In addition the instructors made the training enjoyable. Food was good, the staff are all friendly.
Aderemi Olurotimi Eben, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria

Fire Ground exercises were excellent, the style and training method at IFTC pay attention to details in application of necessary fire fighters tactics and techniques.
Elifue Omokhugno Agbi, Fdederal Airports Authority of Nigeria

IFTC is second to none when it comes to aviation training
John McCafferty, Prestwick Airport

Really enjoyable week. Brilliant practical training providing us with relevant scenarios/ experiences. Very helpful and encouraging instructors always willing to help/advise.
Rhian Wright, Serco (Hawarden)

Very enjoyable course. Instructors are there to help each person and are available on a one to one basis if needed. The fire ground is top class and the benefit of using foam and dry powder is great. Every scenario covered and the experience is second to none. If I could I would come back every year.
Turlough Dooley, Dublin Airport Authority

A thoroughly enjoyable week at IFTC. A hard week of training on a fantastic fire ground. Training staff are friendly and very approachable with any question of problem.
Shaun Iruine, Austawestlands

Always a pleasure coming to IFTC. It brings you back up to speed with good facilities and enthusiastic instructors.
Ron Berry, Exeter Airport

Excellent course with knowledgeable instructors who had a sense of honour while giving an excellent course.
Thomas Mulligan, DAA

Course good, lots of time on the fire ground, really good food and staff, accommodation good.
Richard Green, East Midlands Airport

The realistic nature of the exercises stand out. The wealth of experience of the instructors was invaluable. In addition the instructors made the training enjoyable. Food was good and the members of staff are all friendly.
Aderemi Olurotimi Eben