Bespoke Training Solutions

Innovative Learning Solutions to Meet Your Specific Needs

We are extremely proud of our residential courses but we realise that this approach may not always meet your specific requirements.  The resilience community is wide ranging covering many disparate agencies and companies spread throughout the whole of the UK and we recognise that a visit to the International Fire Training Centre is not always the most convenient option.

As a result we are actively seeking to deliver our training courses in a more flexible way by offering training delivery at a place of your choice.  Not only will this enable us to be more responsive and more imaginative but will help you to reduce your costs at a time when training budgets are restricted.  By offering you a choice of how, when and what training will take place you are assured of a solution to match your needs whilst we maintain the high quality of content and delivery for which we are renowned.

We offer:

A solution that is bespoke.  We designed a unique package of company specific training for a client within the UK Nuclear Power industry.  The training focused on the practical requirements and use of the resources for their Emergency Response Teams.  The training was conducted and assessed by IFTC Serco Instructors whilst utilising local facilities and procedures.  Although they recognised the value of a course delivered at our Centre they required a unique training course to fit their specific needs and to be delivered at their own location.

A solution that mirrors a course.  A major diesel engine manufacturer required a series of First Aid and Fire Warden courses. The company operates within a few miles of our site but rather than sending their delegates to carry out the training at our facility they decided to package the programme and facilitate its running at their own site.  This caused less staff disruption and offered more relevance to suit local procedures and familiar infrastructure.

A solution that mirrors a course but offers a contextualised exercise. Working with an overseas Defence Force we delivered a five week course that comprised of technical and practical training.  The Initial Aviation Fire Fighter training programme provided their delegates with the opportunity to gain competence in the fire fighter role.  Delivering this course in their local area not only reduced their costs but it enabled us to deliver a solution that blended technical training sessions with various exercises using local topography and familiar resources.

A solution that offers off site consultation, assessments and audits.  We have provided consultation in Fire Prevention, Fire Risk Assessment as well as off site Audits and Assessments in the Emergency Response field.  Our client base comes from a wide variety of Industries across the UK and Overseas.

Our training and marketing teams work closely with our experienced Training Associates to attend to your needs in a way that is both appropriate and relevant for your situation. 

Our customers are also assured of a solution that is doctrinally and legislatively compliant through Industry standards and local quality assurance.

To find out how we can adapt our training to meet the specific needs of your organisation, please contact us on +44 (0)1325 333317 or via email.