Pre Course Checklist

Welcome to the International Fire Training Centre

When you arrive at IFTC, please make your way to the Reception desk in the Accommodation Building prior to the commencement of your course. You will be asked to register and we will provide you with a name badge which must be worn throughout the duration of your course.

Please note, for security purposes, we need you to provide photographic identification when you register.  Your Course Instructor will meet you in the reception area.

If you are attending a residential course at the Centre please visit the Your Stay page for useful information about your stay.

Special Learning/Dietary Requirements

If you have any special learning (e.g. dyslexia) or dietary (e.g. halal) requirements, please contact us on +44 (0)1325 333317 prior to arrival or speak to your instructor on the first day of the course.  Any information you may choose to divulge will be treated in the strictest confidence and every effort will be made to assist you in any way possible.

Pre-Study Guidance

Pre-study guidance for delegates attending Revalidation or Breathing Apparatus Instructor Courses can be found within the Library/Pre Study Guidance section.  It is important that you follow this guidance carefully.

Photographic Identification
Please note that you will be required to produce photographic identification on the first day of your course. This must be either valid passport, valid driving licence or a birth certificate and utility bill, These must all be originals.


If you are required to drive as part of your course please use the link below to print off the new paper part. If the link does not work you can obtain this from the DVLA website.

Additional Overnight Accommodation
Should you wish to book overnight accommodation the night before or the night after your course please do so in advance by calling +44 (0)1325 333317.


The following courses require delegates to wear Personal Protective clothing (PPE) during all training activities on the drill ground and fireground.
Delegates issued with uniform and protective clothing (certified to the current edition of the relevant standard) during their normal employment will be required to bring this with them:
1.    Helmet with full face protection
2.    Fire tunic and over trousers
3.    Fire boots
4.    Fire gloves
5.    Fire hood
6.    Suitable clothing is required for wearing under PPE, i.e. cotton overalls.
PPE will be available for loan only to delegates travelling by air.  Please note that any equipment borrowed from IFTC must be returned complete and in good repair.
All delegates are advised to bring some working rig clothing; personal protective equipment will be provided where appropriate.
Non Fire Service delegates attending courses with a practical element (e.g. Cabin Crew Trainer) will be provided with appropriate PPE.
All PPE should be returned complete and in good condition any loss or damage will be charged for.

Code of Conduct
Please ensure you have familiarised yourself with our code of conduct click here.

Health and Safety Information
Please ensure you have familiarised yourself with our health and safety information click here.